During the morning of the 22th of April at 9.00 am we will be available for you to choose a variety of workshops. 

Shuffling: through stigma and un(healthy) beliefs

Rosa André and Sandra Mateus, The Bridge Project 

Come and “play” with us around mental health issues. Let’s talk about walls – the ones we sometimes build … outside, and inside of us. Don’t miss this opportunity, you will enjoy it and be surprised

Max participants: 30

Plants for all: How to work with and take care of them

Mafalda Costa, ITQB NOVA

This workshop will help you learn how to take care of your interior plants. Join us in a tour to the ITQB-NOVA green houses. Don’t miss this opportunity, you will enjoy it and be surprised.

Max participants: 15

Craft Brewery: How to create your own beer

José Brito, ITQB NOVA

This workshop provides an introduction of craft beer production where you will start the process to do your own beer. Enjoy this hands-on workshop *

Max participants: 24

*The process of beer production is not feasible in one day, a follow-up monitoring will be needed in the following wee